Tonneau covers are a great way to protect your truck bed from the elements and protect any cargo from potential theft. With a number of quality tonneau cover/truck bed cover manufacturers (Extang, BAK, Truxedo, Pace Edwards, Lund, etc) out there and a number of tonneau cover options (retractable vs. roll-up, electrical vs. manual, soft vs. hard tonneau, etc) the choices can seem daunting. We've done the groundwork on these options and have compiled an easy-to-understand tonneau cover review/guide to allow you to make a more informed decision on your tonneau cover purchase. We carry tonneau covers in each of our stores.

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Roll Bak Tonneau Cover

The Roll Bak tonneau cover provides the best of both worlds, as the heavy-gauge aluminum panels offer more strength than the competition while still being incredibly lightweight. In fact, BAK states that this sliding top is the strongest roll top bed cover on the market. Constructed with black powder-coated aluminum, the Roll Bak will not tear or discolor like other tonneau covers that use weaker vinyl material. Even the canister, made from durable ABS Plastic, can’t be dented and stands at less than 10 inches deep.

BAK Flip Tonneau Cover

Unlike some other truck bed covers, the BAK flip tonneau cover lies flush with the bedside instead of the top, giving you optimal rear visibility. One of the best patented features, however, is that it’s uniquely designed to fold upright against the cab if you need full access to the whole truck bed. This allows you to transport 5th wheels, motorcycles, or even quads without having to completely remove the tonneau cover.

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Lund Genesis Snap Tonneau Cover

Custom fitted for each truck, the Genesis Snap tonneau cover has an incredibly easy installation that can be done in less than 20 minutes with no tools or drilling required. The extra-thick bows and rails are designed for a long life. Heavy-duty powder coating protects it from damage, and the bows have a strong arch support to keep water or snow from building up. Water damage is also prevented by the snug fit of the integrated rear tailgate seal. Plus, this tonneau cover uses sliding plastic Insulsnapsª instead of metal snaps, to avoid scratches, chips, and corrosion.

Lund’s Genesis Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

TheGenesis Tri-Fold tonneau cover arrives fully assembled and ready to install in less than two minutes. From the black matte finish to the black rails and bows, the all-black styling of this tonneau cover makes it an incredibly sleek choice. Plus, the high quality, double-sided fabric makes it durable and highly resistant to tearing. The clamps have a quick release feature that is simple to use, and it has a cam-action design to ensure the cover remains tight and secure. If at anytime you prefer to leave the Genesis Tri-Fold tonneau cover in its open position, you can simply secure it with buckle-style straps.

Lund Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Protect your truck bed and any cargo that’s in it with the Genesis Roll Up tonneau cover. Rain and snow will no longer be a concern, as the heavy-duty tear-resistant fabric is built to be weatherproof and black powder-coated aluminum ribs keep water from pooling. These match the black rails and bows, which are not just stylish but also have a heavy-duty Velcro sealing system that makes it incredibly easy to open and close. Plus, a unique feature this tonneau cover brings to the table is an automatic tension control that is actually built into the latch, saving you both hassle and time. Because it’s pre-assembled, it takes less than 20 minutes to install with no drill required.

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Truxedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover

Ready for the fastest tonneau cover install in the industry? Truxedo claims they’ve done it with simple clamp-on side rails and a spring-loaded header guide that quickly installs in mere minutes. And don’t think you’re exchanging quality for ease of install with the Truxedo Lo Pro QT tonneau cover. You still get a low profile design, automatic tension control, and Velcro brand fastening to make sure the cover stays tight and secure. A hassle-free lifetime warranty guarantees that this tonneau cover can stand the test of time. You can also get a Harley-Davidson edition, which is screen-printed with the famous H-D Bar & Shield.

Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Cover

Put an end to the inconvenience of snap-style tonneau covers and choose the Truxedo TruXport. This is a soft roll-up tonneau cover that is not only economical but also looks fantastic and is incredibly simple to install and use. You won’t find any “covered wagon” style arched bows here, opting instead for a sleek, stylish design. With dual latching, the tonneau cover quickly and easily rolls up and stores at the front of the truck bed in case you need to transport larger cargo. The easy clamp-on design allows you to install in just a few minutes. With a 5-year warranty and an affordable price, it’s a deal that’s well worth it.


If you’re planning on hauling a lot of cargo around in your truck bed, the Truxedo TonneauTraX is probably your best choice. By integrating a tie town track with its unique rail design, this tonneau cover secures cargo in just a few easy steps. First, roll open the tonneau cover to reveal the rail system and quick attach cargo anchors. To position an anchor, simply pull the handle, slide it to the location of the cargo, and lock it into place. Attach the anchors to cargo with heavy-duty clamps. This will make sure that your cargo remains secure and doesn’t get tossed around the truck bed. Not to mention, you still get the great features that come with other tonneau covers including durable Velcro brand fastening, patented automatic tension control, weatherproof seals, and a quick and easy no drill install. The lifetime warranty guarantees the quality of every part of the tonneau cover, including the fabric.

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Bestop offers the new modular Bestop BestRail System in multiple tonneau cover models to make sure you get exactly what you need. Both hard and soft Bestop tonneau covers are built to perfectly fit any truck bed and provide easy access to the entire space. If you really want cargo to stay organized, you can separately purchase tonneau storage trays to keep things in order. You can fit up to 3 of these storage trays with a lockable hard tonneau cover. Constructed with the same high-quality fabric that’s used for Bestop Supertops for Jeeps and trucks, soft tonneau covers can also accommodate these storage trays. No matter your preference, both hard and soft tonneau covers reduce tailgate drag, increasing fuel mileage up to 10%.


The Pace-Edwards JackRabbit retractable truck bed cover combines the traditional tonneau cover appearance with modern technologies for optimal security and ease of use. Building off the original Pace-Edwards’ roll-top tonneau cover, the JackRabbit takes the padded, weather-resistant tonneau cover with durable aluminum panels and brings some extra features of its own. The key difference is the innovative Continuous Tension Spring, which enables you to turn the latch mechanism and open the tonneau cover automatically, and then use a pull strap to just as easily close it. Lock the JackRabbit to keep your cargo safe or, when you’re ready to unload, use the detent system to keep the tonneau cover open at 12 inch intervals. The JackRabbit retractable bed cover installs in an hour or less using a speed clamp system – no drilling required. Call 877-474-4821 to order.


The Pace-Edwards Bedlocker is the only retractable tonneau cover in the industry that uses a hand-held remote and electric motor to control the truck bed cover. Install the canister at the front of the bed and then simply push a button; the tonneau cover will retract either partially or completely, allowing you to easily access any stowed cargo. When you close the tonneau cover, black powder-coated aluminum panels and patented silicon weather hinges will protect your cargo from any harmful elements. Installation takes about an hour with Pace Edwards’ clamp-in system, eliminating the hassle of drilling. Call 877-474-4821 to order.


Get a load of the newest in the line of Pace-Edwards’ best-selling retractable tonneau covers: the Full Metal Jackrabbit (FMJ). The FMJ tonneau cover takes all the best features of the original JackRabbit and builds upon them with black powder-coated aluminum panels and patented silicon weather hinges. Easily extend or retract the tonneau cover from its canister at the front of the truck bed with Pace-Edwards’ innovative Continuous Tension Spring. You can even lock the cover at 12 inch intervals thanks to the low profile Latch ‘n Lok operating system. All FMJ tonneau covers are flush-mounted for the best aerodynamics while still allowing for a fifth wheel hitch. Installation takes about an hour; with the no hassle clamp-in system, you can leave the drill at home.

Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock

Theft is always a concern when it comes to vehicles, especially when you’re storing cargo in the bed of your truck. Pop & Lock tailgate locks help to both prevent the theft of your tailgate and increase the security of your tonneau cover or camper shell. If you choose a manual lock, it easily installs into the tailgate. Or, you can choose an electric tailgate lock that offers the convenience of keyless entry and ultimate security. All patented parts maintain the OE quality of your truck. Call 877-474-4821 to order.


Source: ORA Magazine

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