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When you overlook exterior armor and protection parts for your 4x4, you do so at your peril. Wheeling in challenging terrain without these critical parts is flirting with disaster and 4 Wheel Parts carries a full array of skid plates, tube fenders, cowl panels and fender flares. Top manufacturers like Warrior, Poison Spyder, JCR Offroad and Fab Fours make steel and aluminum parts and accessories to protect your investment from potential damage.

Even weekend warriors can find affordable options to upgrade trucks, Jeeps and SUVs to ward off superficial and more extensive damage. As an avid off-roader, you appreciate the powerful function and attractive appearance of your Jeep, SUV or truck. Safeguard your valuable investment while maintaining integrity and enhancing style with top-quality accessories and parts from 4 Wheel Parts. We carry the all of protective armor roll components necessary for you to dominate any excursion you undertake.

Looking for Jeep Wrangler external roll cage or SUV roll cage components? Perhaps you're in need of a full body roll cage replacement? We've got you covered with a huge assortment of internal and external roll cage parts and accessories such as tubing clamps, gussets, pads and covers and seat belt mounts. We also offer expedient kits that supply everything you require for streamlined installation.

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When your off-roading adventures start to turn your rig into a beater, it's time to replace and upgrade. At 4 Wheel Parts, we stock a huge range of products from trusted brands such as Warrior Products, Dirtydog 4x4, Smittybilt, Rampage Products and MasterTop. Choose your vehicle particulars from our convenient drop-down menu to view an array of compatible items. Browse everything from skid plates, frame covers, corner guards, cowl and body panels, fender braces and paint shields to tube fenders, liners, rocker backing plates, rock sliders and guards. Swap your dented hood, punctured grille, damaged windshield, busted tailgate, scratched panels or battered strut rods with our sturdy replacement options.

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At 4 Wheel Parts, we're proud to give you easy access to the largest selection of SUV, truck, Jeep and off-road performance products available. We work diligently to stay ahead of an ever-changing industry to serve as your primary source for vehicle improvement, restoration and repair. Our six shipping warehouses get orders to your door quickly, while our 79 locations deliver dedicated in-person service and our exclusive price match guarantee ensures that you pay the best prices. Complete your purchase today to experience the 4 Wheel Parts distinction.

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Rock Sliders and Guards

Roll Cages & Related Parts While extreme off-road activities like dune bashing and rock climbing deliver huge thrills, they’re also accompanied by high rollover risk. Fortify your vehicle, add style and protect yourself and your passengers by investing in top-quality roll bars and cages from We carry a selection of durable roll cage mounting kits, gussets, tubing clamps, seatbelt mounts and roll bar pads and covers in a range of affordable price points, all tailored to your rig’s particular year, make and model. All of our parts and accessories are sourced from top manufacturers like Smittybilt, Dirtydog 4x4, Poison Spyder Customs, Trail-Gear and Throttle Down Kustoms. Order now to reinforce your ride, drive with confidence and improve your off-roading experience.

Skid Plates

Truck Cab Protector / Headache Rack

Jeeping enables you to drive with power, precision, comfort and style whether you're commuting to work or exploring a trail. Taking on exceptional off-road territory exposes your rig to extreme rigors, and, as time passes, dirt, mud, rocks, stumps, tree branches and other potentially damaging debris take a toll. Protect your investment and prevent your Jeep from morphing into a beater with Jeep armor parts from We maintain an inventory of high-quality Jeep protection parts that includes body and rocker components, skid plates, tube fenders, frames, roll cages, corner guards, running boards and side steps that safeguard your ride while boosting its appearance.

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One size does not always fit all, especially when it comes to armor protection. To ensure that you locate Jeep armor protections that are compatible with your specific vehicle, pick your rig details from our expedient drop-down. We carry durable products and convenient kits from leading brands like ARB 4x4 Accessories, Pro Comp USA, JcrOffroad, Poison Spyder Customs and Warrior Products. Choose from a range of corner types, lengths, finishes, fitments, locations, installation modes and materials.

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At, completing the upgrades you need is stress-free thanks to our skilled sales and service professionals, streamlined search process and fair price points. We have the largest selection of superior parts and accessories available, so make your purchase.

Looking to explore top Wrangler armor protector options? Consider Smittybilt Mag-Armor magnetic trail skins, which reinforce your doors and sides with three layers of defense. Sold in 15-piece sets, these hard-wearing items are highway rated and feature rust-resistant, matte black finishes. Fortify your engine compartment and add some flair with a pair of laser cut, bare aluminum front inner fenders from Artec Industries. These lightweight parts permit the space necessary for larger meats and are easily trimmed to coincide with new or existing bumpstops and coilovers.