Tube Fenders

If you're looking at placing bigger, beefier tires on your ride, then the odds are that you've already considered investing in a lift kit as well. Traditionally, lift kits are used to give tires more clearance, which prevents scrubbing while you're cornering and turning. However, lift kits can be expensive to say the least, and more often than not, the higher your lift is, the higher your chances are of rolling your truck or Jeep. Fortunately, there's an alternative on the market that's affordable and easy to use: Jeep tube fenders.

Bigger Tires, Less Lift
The addition of truck tube fenders to your ride can offer you up to 3 extra inches of wheel space on average, allowing you to invest in smaller lift kits – or no lift kits at all in some cases – and still achieve your desired results. This leaves you with more money in your budget for other improvements later on, and generally makes the entire project much easier. However, the change will still leave you with plenty of work to do – the increased fender height requires you to cut into the Jeep itself, and will in most cases require the relocation of your battery, windshield wiper fluid reservoir and fuse box.

A More Polished Look
Replacement tube fenders not only keep your ride safe from debris while you're between destinations, but they also give your truck or Jeep a professional, finished look that's sure to make it stand out in any setting. Some models offer nothing more than a flat, simple look, while others may flair out to create a look that's a little more striking.

Making the Most of Your Savings
You might be investing in tube fenders to save some cash on a lift kit, but you still want them to get the job done. We offer nothing but the absolute best tube fenders at, so you never need to worry about whether or not your purchase is going to stand up to everyday threats or not. Our fenders come from industry leaders such as Aries Offroad, Smittybilt, Rugged Ridge and GenRight.

Browse Our Large Selection
4 Wheel Parts stocks a variety of products from top brands such as Westin Automotive, Jcroff-road, Smittybilt, Poison Spyder Customs, Rugged Ridge and River Raider Off Road. We have everything from standard replacements to trick upgrades. Looking for Jeep TJ tube fenders, Jeep JK tube fenders or 2000 Jeep Wrangler tube fenders? We've got you covered with our wide selection and vehicle-specific search options. We carry high-grade TJ Wrangler tube fenders and Jeep flat fenders in a range of types, materials, fitments and finishes. Enhance the style of your ride with textured black, bare aluminum or steel or black powdercoat or epoxy finishes that come in direct or universal fitments. Depending on the manufacturer and item, most choices are sold in pairs, and some require cutting or drilling, while others do not. Protect and refurbish your vehicle with factory-style replacements and aftermarket styles that accomplish everything from swapping damaged, dented or rusted parts to aggressively altering your ride's exterior.

Enjoy Your Shopping Experience
At 4 Wheel Parts, we work hard to exceed your expectations. Our passion and expertise places the largest range of parts and accessories from more than 600 leading manufacturers a mere click away. Our price guarantee ensures that you pay the best prices on every item you buy, while our team of professionals is ready and eager to provide help, guidance and support. Our six nationwide warehouses deliver orders to your doorstep rapidly, and our straightforward exchange and return policies allow you to purchase with confidence. Don't defer necessary improvements or repairs. Complete your order today.

Your Jeep fenders act as body protectors, shielding your rig against mud, stones and other debris thrown off of your tires. Off-roading can cause significant wear, tear and damage to these components over time. Whether you destroyed them on your last excursion, want to upgrade their appearance, reinforce their strength or increase your tire clearance, we have the durable top-quality parts you need to stay out on the trails.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find parts that match your vehicle in this category. Please return to home page or call a customer service representative at 877-474-4821 for assistance with finding the parts you need for your vehicle.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find parts that match your vehicle in this category. Please return to home page or call a customer service representative at 877-474-4821 for assistance with finding the parts you need for your vehicle.

Picture sailing over sand dunes, rolling over desert obstacles and rocky valleys and everything else a 4x4 does. The off-road vehicle that you use to conquer those obstacles deserves attention given even to its less obvious details, like fenders. Increasing an off-roading vehicle's ground clearance lets you ford higher waters and crawl over larger rocks, expanding the paths it can take you through. Tube fenders are a great way to add ground clearance and style with a simple modification that transforms the whole look of your car. Why Tube Fenders? Tube fenders raise a Jeep's ground clearance, usually affecting the approach angle and departure angle the most drastically. Higher ground clearance makes a big difference for most off-roaders.

Jeep TJ tube fenders are designed specifically to fit a TJ jeep, making installation quick for busy car modders. Installing Jeep tube fenders usually involves a few steps: disconnecting the turn signals and removing any flares, cutting away most of the existing fender to make room for the new one, and then bolting the new fender into place. Consider adding paint to any new holes drilled into the metal to prevent rust from decaying the area. These fenders add a whole new look to a machine as well as providing functionality. Which Tube Fender? A wide range of brands and widths are available on this website, from Poison Spyder to TnT Customs

Fenders made to fit specific models like Jeep JK tube fenders are available too. Tire coverage is important in plenty of states with laws on how far wheels can stick out uncovered, so take note when outfitting your machine! has the best range of options for flat fenders and tube fenders alike, so no matter what your coverage needs, we have the best products available. With competitive pricing and shipping options that include local pickup, 4 Wheel Parts is impossible to beat.