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Body parts, roll cages and frames for your truck, Jeep or SUV keep you safe, protect your investment and add your own personal style to your 4x4. 4 Wheel Parts carries these items and other accessories including body panels, roll bar grab handles and sports bars. Not the sports bars where you watch your favorite team play - the ones that act as roll bars to protect in case of an accident. Roll cages from brands like Smittybilt and Rock Hard 4x4 offer a solid foundation in case of a rollover and they're engineered to seamlessly bolt in using everyday tools. Other parts include windshield frames, bolts, hinges and latches and replacement hoods and grilles.

4 Wheel Parts offers a complete stock of custom Jeep parts and accessories so you can update the performance of your ride. When you're climbing up treacherous mountains, going fast down dirt trails, and bogging in all kinds of mud, you may not think about your Jeep's body, roll cage, and frame. However, these parts can be the only thing between you and danger. Make sure your Jeep is ready for whatever comes your way with parts from

Roll Cages
Unfortunately, Jeeps can go rolling sometimes. You need to be ready for this possibility with rugged roll cage parts you can rely on. At, we have Jeep roll cages for sale from brands you can trust. Of course, Wrangler roll cages are also an essential part of the unique Jeep style. You can choose from pieces that look as great as they work.

Body Parts
With all the rocks and elements your off-roader comes in contacts with, damage to the body is bound to happen. If it's time to replace your Jeep's body parts, check out our massive selection at We have vented hoods, floor pans, windshield parts, and more. You can use our helpful search features to find the products that fit your Jeep. The sooner you get your new parts for your Jeep's body, the sooner you can get back to your off-roading fun.

If you have done some severe damage to your Jeep, it might be time to replace your frame or repair it with parts. We carry full frames for those who need a total replacement and individual components, brackets, and rails for smaller repairs. Like all of our parts, we guarantee the lowest possible prices on frame parts and accessories. In fact, if you find a lower price within 90 days of your purchase, you can let us know. We can refund the difference. Plus, we offer free shipping on qualifying orders, military discounts, and more. Replacing roll cages, body parts, and frames has never been this easy.

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Body Tub Kits Has your off-road vehicle been dipped, bumped and knocked around a few too many times on the trail? Restore it to showroom condition with one of the tub kits for trucks, Jeeps or other vehicles that we offer here at 4 Wheel Parts. We have the strong steel body tub kits from manufacturers such as industry giant Omix-Ada, with options including fenders, hoods and windshield frames. All you have to do is find the body tub kit that fits your make and model to take one big step closer to revamping your ride to its original operating levels. Shop our vast collection now for better performance and riding quality soon in the future.

Body Tub Parts

Frames & Related Parts Your Jeep delivers on performance, safety and durability whether you’re blasting through sand, rocks, dirt or mud or gliding around the city. That’s not possible, however, without a sturdy frame. If you’re looking to repair or upgrade a frame component, look no farther than 4 Wheel Parts for quality Jeep frame parts that don’t detract from your ride’s style. Omix-Ada, Crown Automotive, Throttle Down Kustoms and other industry names offer the heavy-duty quality parts, and we here at 4 Wheel parts offer the affordable price tags. Find everything you need from crossmembers to frame brackets for Jeeps in our inventory. Shop now to keep your Jeep strong and ready for whatever you throw its way.

Hoods & Grilles Your vehicle’s grille keeps air flowing to your engine and radiator to keep them functioning properly, and its hood plays a huge role in protecting the important parts beneath it. If your last off-road adventure got a little out of hand and damaged one of these components, or if you just want to upgrade the your ride’s style, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered. We have replacement grilles for trucks and Jeeps from Rugged Ridge and other top manufacturers, as well as replacement hoods with tough steel construction and air venting properties. Give your machine the new grille or hood it deserves so it can give you the ride you deserve. Shop our inventory today.

Liftgate Parts When your liftgate stops working, you can’t get to your gear easily, and when you can’t get to your gear easily, your carefree day takes an aggravating turn for the worse. Rather than waste valuable minutes of your day jiggling the handle and yelling in frustration, save time and money by getting your replacement liftgates, handles and other parts from 4 Wheel Parts. We have liftgate handles, locks, latches, cables, weatherstrips and more. Whatever liftgate problem you face, solve it with brand names you trust such as Rugged Ridge or Crown Automotive. Your machine already drives like a winner, now help it store your stuff like a winner by grabbing your liftgate part from 4 Wheel Parts today.

Replacement Door Parts

Replacement Fenders Adventurous off-roading exposes your vehicle to all sorts of damaging debris. Whether you’re looking to replace rusty components, counteract detrimental rock massaging or fill the gaps created by your newly installed lift kit, has you covered. We carry durable fender flare extensions, liners and fender sets for sale that enhance style and safeguard your body panels. We offer a variety of finishes, styles, fitments and materials such as fiberglass and steel, all manufactured by top brands like Pro Comp USA, Smittybilt, Crown Automotive, Street Scene Equipment and Omix-ADA. Most are affordable, easily installed and sold individually, in pairs or in sets of four. Order today to protect your rig and boost functionality.

Roll Cages & Related Parts While extreme off-road activities like dune bashing and rock climbing deliver huge thrills, they’re also accompanied by high rollover risk. Fortify your vehicle, add style and protect yourself and your passengers by investing in top-quality roll bars and cages from We carry a selection of durable roll cage mounting kits, gussets, tubing clamps, seatbelt mounts and roll bar pads and covers in a range of affordable price points, all tailored to your rig’s particular year, make and model. All of our parts and accessories are sourced from top manufacturers like Smittybilt, Dirtydog 4x4, Poison Spyder Customs, Trail-Gear and Throttle Down Kustoms. Order now to reinforce your ride, drive with confidence and improve your off-roading experience.

Tailgate Parts

Windshield Parts Your windshield is more than a piece of glass. As you tear up gnarly trails and cruise along scenic roadways, it acts as a key component positioned between you, the elements and external debris. It contributes to your rig’s stability, provides a clear view of your chosen landscape and functions as an important safety feature whether you’re off-road or on-road. At, we carry high-quality parts and accessories from leading brands that keep your windshield fully functional. We offer durable and affordable windshield frame latch selections and cowl vent seal options in addition adjuster arms, frames, moldings, washer nozzles, fluid reservoirs, pivot bolts, convenient kits and more. Use our Select Vehicle tool to find and purchase compatible items today.

The body of a vehicle is important for appearance, comfort and performance. You can find a variety of door, hood, window, or windshield components on 4 Wheel Parts. You may find it helpful to narrow your results by entering the make, model and sub-model of your vehicle in order to find 2003 Jeep Liberty body parts, Wrangler parts, or parts for any other year or model. We sell body mounting kits as well as separate components. Browse or search our inventory of all wheel drive parts, Jeep 4x4 parts, off road parts and off road performance parts to find everything you need.

Convenience and Safety
We stock a large selection of automotive body parts designed to offer convenience, provide protection and ensure your safety. Look for aftermarket hood latches made out of polyurethane that are more durable than stock rubber latches. We carry license plate brackets and heated side mirrors as well as front bumper fascia and painted fender flares.

Exterior and Interior
Our catalog of body parts spans the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Repair or completely rebuild a door with a full steel door sized to fit your model that is capable of receiving either a manual or power door system. We also sell trim panels and hardware including hinges, a door panel insert assembly and interior handles. Replace your entire hood or just corroded or worn down components and install stylish and protective body features such as fascia, fender flares, fender shields and grilles.

Save on Body Parts
No matter whether you plan to completely alter the appearance of your rig or want to add features that protect your vehicle or enhance off-road performance, 4 Wheel Parts has the lowest prices on body parts. Browse or search for parts and place your order. If you find any part for less, we'll match the price and refund the difference.