Bumpers & Tire Carriers for Trucks & Jeeps

Choose from the latest models and best name brands in quality exterior parts including off road bumpers, tire carriers, and winch mounts. All components are built for added protection, convenience, and style unlike anything else available for trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs. Your Jeep has solid construction and strong components. Still, it isn't indestructible. Because you use your rig for extreme off-roading, you must be certain it has the armor necessary to protect it from damage. When you are ready to upgrade your Jeep's stock bumpers, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered. Browse our inventory of bumpers and tire carriers for trucks and Jeeps.

Protect Your Rig's Front End
Rocks, limbs and other off-road obstacles can destroy your vehicle's fenders and other sensitive parts. Beefy truck bumpers protect your rig's front end from damage. Instead of spending thousands in the body shop to fix damage, be certain your Jeep bumpers can keep your rig safe.

Add Aftermarket Accessories
When you are customizing your Jeep with an off-road front bumper or a Jeep winch bumper, you don't want an upgrade that looks ridiculous. Our aftermarket accessories are designed to fit the overall style of your rig. They also add utility, guaranteeing your Jeep or truck delivers top performance while looking its best.

Rely on Quality Components
Few things are more frustrating than ordering aftermarket parts only to discover they are flimsy and unreliable. When you order from 4 Wheel Parts, you don't have to worry about quality. Our selection includes truck and Jeep bumpers from top manufacturers, such as Smittybilt, ARB, Rubicon Express and others.

Pay the Right Price
Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we know you have a lot of time, money and effort invested in your off-road machine. Because we are your 4X4 partner, we never charge a premium for the components you need to maintain, repair or upgrade your rig. Instead, we feature our 100% price match guarantee. If you happen to find a better deal on your order somewhere else, we'll happily match it. With our extensive selection of off-road bumpers, we are certain we have exactly what you need to turn your Jeep or truck into a beast. Browse our inventory and place your order today.<

Brush & Grille Guards When you are on the road or exploring a new off-road path, you face all kinds of obstacles and hazards. Is your Jeep, truck or SUV ready to take what the great outdoors throws at it? Fortunately, 4 Wheel Parts has the brush and grille guards you need for ultimate protection. We have guards from ARB 4x4 Accessories, Lund, Go Rhino and other top brands, and we supply bumper guards for Jeeps as well. Don’t forget to check out our adapter kits for trucks too. These brush, grille and bumper guards not only safeguard your ride but also give it a strong, no-nonsense look. Shop our guards today to give your machine the upgrade it deserves.

Bumpers You want ground clearance, superior protection when you drive and parts that don’t detract from your machine’s design. You want bumper parts from 4 Wheel Parts. Give your machine extra protection and configure your bumpers to the conditions you traverse with bumper end caps for sale at prices you—and you wallet—love. Durable construction and sleek finishes add character to your ride’s style while ensuring it withstands all of the bumps and jolts on the road or trail. Remember to get all of the hardware you need for convenient installation by grabbing one of the bumper mounting kits that we offer. Enjoy our vast selection of bumper parts when you shop with 4 Wheel Parts today.

Spare Tire Carriers & Accessories It’s unfortunate, but it happens: you’re out on the trail, enjoying the day, when all of a sudden something is wrong. You have a flat tire. Do you have your spare on hand? Make sure you are ready for such mishaps with tire carriers, spare tire storage containers and other accessories from 4 Wheel Parts. We have the spare tire carrier brackets you need to keep your extra tire secure as you drive. Store it with the Warrior Spare Tire Spacer or add extra clearance with an extension or relocation bracket from brands such as Smittybilt or TeraFlex. Grab whichever one meets your needs to drive with peace of mind on your next outdoor getaway.

Your off-road bumpers protect the body of your rig and prevent the lights getting damaged by minor impacts. Bumpers are more effective now but at some point, they need to be replaced. Maybe you've just gotten into an accident, and the bumpers have scratches and dents. Cracks in the bumper weaken its structural integrity, making the bumper less safe for future accidents. Paint damage on the bumper affects the overall appearance of your rig, but trying to repair it yourself could be more trouble than it's worth. Damaged or broken hooks on the bumper are another reason to consider replacement because they could cause the bumper to not stay in place and come off.

Upgrade Your Rig's Parts
Depending on which off road bumper you get, it could be an upgrade into giving your truck or jeep a more rugged appearance. In some cases, some bumpers bolt directly so you don't even need to make modifications to make the bumper fit. Other bumpers are designed to help improve your entry and exit into your vehicle, especially during extreme weather conditions. Besides replacing bumpers when they become damaged, consider tire carriers that can carry the heavier tires beyond stock weight that are needed for harsher terrains.

We've Got Your Parts
4 Wheel Parts is your source for off-road bumpers. Because of our place in the industry and our size, we get great deals and pass the savings on to you. With six nationwide distribution centers, we get your parts to you fast. Besides our website, we have 91 stores you can visit to check out our products in person. We carry inventory from more than 600 manufacturers, and we back up our products with our 100% price match guarantee. We offer great customer service to treat you right and expert advice to make sure you are selecting the right parts and equipment for your truck, jeep, or SUV.