Transmission & Transfer Case Adapters

When it comes time to upgrade your engine or transmission we have these specialized swap adapters to take the guess work out of a major upgrade like this. Choose from a large line of Engine, Transmission and Transfer Cases Adapters. We love our off-roading beasts, and we knew when we bought them that they were an investment in long-lasting adventure. Our 4WD machines are ready to take the beating of the road, and we're ready to make memories with the ride. After years go by, however, the engine under the hood may start to sputter and falter in ways it never used to do. Instead of letting go of the whole vehicle though, you may consider switching out the engine or transmission to give your four wheels a new lease of life. When you do, be sure to get the right transmission to transfer case adapter so that all of your parts fit and function together.

Adapters for Your Make and Model
Whether you are looking for some newer gears to keep Old Faithful running smoothly, or you are just trying to amp up the power or efficiency of your machine, swapping your engine or transmission often means that you are looking at parts that are different makes and/or models from your current vehicle. Because of this, it is necessary to purchase engine and transmission adapter kits, which help fit the parts from one model with parts from another. For our 4WD vehicles, the transfer case is an especially important part which engages the front axle during 4-wheel driving. If you are swapping your transmission, don't forget to look at our Ford transmission to transfer case adapters and Chevy transfer case adapters. 4 Wheel Parts has parts available for a wide range of makes and models.

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With our guaranteed lowest prices, you don't have to look anywhere else except 4 Wheel Parts. Many of our orders also qualify for free shipping, and you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality parts on the market. Don't delay and come to us to buy adapters for your gearbox and transfer case today.

You put a lot of hard miles on your off-roader, it comes with the territory, and you expect a lot out of your ride. That's why you also know you need to put in as much as you take to keep that motor running. It would never be your style to get stuck in the middle of your adventure and have to call for a tow because your engine couldn't handle the work or you blew your transmission. No, towing should be strictly for pulling your Jeep, truck, or SUV out of the mud or water after you adventured maybe a little too hard, and that towing equipment should be yours that you brought along for just that sort of thing. So whether you need to replace parts that you've worn too much from off-roading or you just want a nice upgrade, depend on us here at 4 Wheel Parts for the transfer case and transmission adapters you need to get the job done.

Transmission-to-Transfer Case Adapters
To save on money and fuel or just for overall better performance, making the switch to later modes transmission gets the job done. Choose from any one our transmission to transfer case adapter kits to make the swap a little easier. We have over 30 styles available from the trusted engineers at Advance Adapters with both direct fit and universal fit options. Find GM 4L60E transmission to

NP231 23 spline transfer case adapters or a GM TH700R 2WD transmission to Dana 300 transfer case adapter, and everything in between. Whatever you need you know you can find it here at 4 Wheel Parts.

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Our prices are hard to beat here at 4 Wheel Parts. We strive to get you off-roading and happy as soon as possible and for the best possible deal, which is why we also offer great sales prices and free shipping on most orders of over $99. Use us today to get your great deal on some upgrades for your ride.