Battery Terminal Cover

An exposed battery terminal poses a risk if a tool or part gets dropped and makes contact with the terminal. Shorts may damage electrical systems and can even cause an explosion. Find the all of the protective components you need for this important part of your vehicle by browsing or searching our selection of battery terminal covers and battery accessories. Compare battery parts for sale from respected brands such as Powermaster to find the right boots or covers to prevent corrosion from forming and lower the risks posed by exposed terminals. We carry alternator, marine and straight-in battery boot styles.

Battery Terminal Boots and Covers
A battery terminal boot is a fitted cover that helps to prevent moisture from reaching a battery terminal. Both types of covers also help to prevent your battery from shorting if a metal tool or part accidentally makes contact while you are working on your vehicle. Battery boots and covers are often universal fit parts, although some styles may be designed to work with certain types of batteries. 4 Wheel Parts carries battery terminal covers for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps and other vehicles.

Trusted Battery Brands
The battery in your vehicle plays an important part in starting and running your rig. Batteries also enable you to power electrical accessories. If you use aftermarket lighting or electrical features, you should protect these investments by buying battery components from brands you trust. We stock a Powermaster terminal battery boot and other cover styles made by top manufacturers.

Save on Safety
Get the lowest prices on components to help you work on or drive your vehicle more safely. In addition to reducing your risk, battery terminal boots or covers can also help to prevent corrosion and prolong the life of your battery. You will find the best deals on these covers and other safety accessories on 4 Wheel Parts.

Battery Terminal Cover

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