Truck & Jeep Lift Kits & Suspensions

From complete Jeep or truck lift kits, to springs, shocks, and more, 4 Wheel Parts handles all your truck and Jeep suspension needs. Aside from a massive selection of the latest lift kits and parts, we stock all the major Jeep and truck lift kit brands including Pro Comp, Rancho, Fabtech, Superlift, and many others.

Nothing thrills you more having a Jeep that performs better than the ones your buddies drive, but you also want it to look the best. Beefing it up with a Jeep Compass lift kit gives you an edge on your competition. When you are looking for Jeep suspension parts, look to 4 Wheel Parts to have a great selection for amazing prices.

Parts To Enhance Performance
Whether you have a Jeep or truck, 4 Wheel Parts had all of the parts you need to modify the suspension or add-a-lift. When you need Jeep Wrangler lift kits, we let you choose from top brands like Superlift, ProComp and Rancho to ensure that you get quality parts. From shock absorbers to suspension kits, our parts are made from durable materials so they hold under the intense pressure of off-roading.

Prices To Help Your Budget
You just spent almost your entire off-roading budget on new boggers and headlights, but your buddy just got an add-a-lift that makes his Jeep look gnarlier than yours. You can't want to by your own lift kit, but you can't afford many of the ones you've seen. Fortunately, 4 Wheel Parts has the parts you need, whether you need lifts kits for Jeeps or ones for trucks, for the lowest price possible. We even have a price-matching guarantee to ensure that you never overpay when you shop with us.

Expertise To Give You Advice
At 4 Wheel Parts, we don't want to settle for selling you Jeep Wrangler lift kits for the best prices- we also want you to understand the parts you purchase from us. Having fifty years of experience, we are experts in the industry, and we love to help you complete your project. Whether you need help choosing the right parts or advice on how to install it, we are here to help. Shop with us today.

Air Ride Suspensions Whether you drive a truck, Jeep or SUV, you expect a compelling performance every time you get behind the wheel. If rough-cut trails are proving a bit difficult for your vehicles old, damaged or stock suspension system, you have come to the right place. Here at, we have an extensive inventory of air suspension systems. Meanwhile, because we stock our inventory with only the best brands in the industry, such as Firestone and AirLift, you never have to worry about the integrity, reliability or durability of your new suspension system. Take a look at our vast selection and order the right suspension air compressor kit for your 4X4 today.

Body Lifts & Bushings As a serious off-roader, you want your rig to easily overcome challenging trail obstacles. Unfortunately, many stock trucks, Jeeps and SUVs have suspensions that simply aren’t high enough to conquer rough-cut trails. At, we are here to help. Our extensive inventory of body lifts and bushings includes everything you need to raise your 4X4. When you order your body mount set from us, you choose from the top brands in the 4X4 parts and accessories world, including Energy Suspension. Instead of waiting to turn your ordinary rig into an off-road monster, check out our extensive inventory of top-quality parts. Then, place your order today to get the most out of your next off-road adventure.

Complete Suspension Systems and Lift Kits Trying to tackle rough-cut trails with a short suspension is a recipe for failure. If your stock truck, Jeep or SUV tends to scrape boulders or limbs, you have come to the right place. Here at, we are proud to be your one-stop shop for 4X4 parts and accessories. Our extensive inventory includes the Pro Comp lift kits and Rubicon Super-Flex suspension lift kits you need to turn your ordinary vehicle into an off-road beast. Made with smart designs and reliable construction, the lift kits you order from us help you take your off-road adventure to the next level. Take a look at what we have for sale and complete your order today.

Leveling Kits When you tinker with your rig’s suspension, you want to be certain it is level. If it isn’t, your tires and other essential components may either not perform as well as they should or wear out quickly. Here at, we have the top-quality suspension leveling kits you need to level out your ride. Kits from Pro Comp and other leading manufacturers feature powdercoated finishes to resist rust. Meanwhile, our selection of coil spring spacers offers durable construction, innovative design and high-quality materials. Take a look at our extensive inventory of 4X4 parts and accessories and choose the right suspension components for turning your lifted rig into an off-road monster by completing your order today.

Lowering & Sport Suspensions In the 4X4 community, you hear a lot about lifted suspensions. Still, up is not the only direction the suspension system on your truck, Jeep or SUV can go. On the contrary, if you want a faster, more responsive driving experience, suspension lowering kits are an effective solution. Here at, we are proud to have the suspension stabilizer bar kits and lowering kits you need to meet your driving goals. Since we stock our inventory with only the best brands in the business, such as Rubicon and Pro Comp, you never have to worry about the performance, reliability or integrity of anything you order from us. Check out our vast selection of suspension parts and complete your order today.

Shock Absorbers & Shock Accessories Because you live for off-road adventures, you expect your ride to be a bit rough. Still, you shouldn’t have difficulty driving due to problems with your suspension system. If you have notice the warning signs of bad shock absorbers, you have come to the right place. Here at, we offer a complete selection of shock absorber kits. Choose Pro Comp shock absorbers to take advantage of modern design and durable construction. If you prefer another brand, such as King Shocks, we have you covered as well. Since we source our inventory from hundreds of the best brands in the 4X4 parts business, we have exactly what you want to take your ride to the next level. Check out our selection and order what you need today.

Steering Stabilizers While it may be normal to have a bumpy ride when you tackle a new off-road trail, if you find yourself hanging on for dear life when you travel over paved roads, it's time to look into quality steering stabilizer. This is especially true if you're rocking larger tires. Don't fight to keep control of the wheel;get your steering damper from 4 Wheel Parts. We offer brands such as Pro Comp Suspension, Rubicon Express and many more that provide you with the dampener and steering stabilizer brackets you need to gain back control over your rig. Have a smooth shopping experience and a smoother ride when you shop for your stabilizer at 4 Wheel Parts.

Suspension Accessories Life is more fun off-road, but those off-road trails throw a lot of stress your suspension’s way, which can seriously affect your ride quality. Keep this important system up to the task of handling your rugged lifestyle with suspension parts from 4 Wheel Parts. We have everything from the big pieces to the small, but equally important, nuts and bolts. Looking for bolt kits for trucks? We have them from the best brands in the industry. Need leaf spring axle u-bolt kits for better handling? We have those too. Get everything you need for your suspension all at once—shop 4 Wheel Parts today for better performance and a smoother, more stable ride in no time.

If you're looking to upgrade your Jeep with taller tires to better handle the trails and want the extra support a modified suspension system provides, then you've come to the right place. For extra ground clearance over that rocky terrain and raising your ride height, you need a Jeep Wrangler lift kit. Luckily for you, we have everything you could possibly need here at 4 Wheel Parts. That includes shocks, springs, and the kits themselves from a variety of the best lift kit brands such as Rubicon Express and Pro Comp.

The Kits You Need
4 Wheel Parts is committed to providing you with everything you need for your truck, Jeep or SUV. That's why we're proud to offer our Jeep lift kits that include all the parts necessary to upgrade or modify your Jeep's lift and suspension system. From shocks and springs to steering stabilizers from some of the best brands in the industry, these kits are ready to replace your off-road vehicle to handle the rigors of rough terrain or your daily driving vehicle that expertly navigates the concrete jungle. So if you want to overhaul your suspension or lift system of your Jeep, then we have what you need. We want to help you take care of your Jeep and upgrade it with the best systems available for better, safer, and smoother driving. Our lift kits and suspension systems will do just that and enable you to enjoy driving even more.

The Prices You Love
If you're in the market for a Jeep lift kit, we're here to help. With our vast selection of the latest and best kits on the market, we have the lift kits and suspension systems that will fit your Jeep and your lifestyle, whether that means off-roading or city living. And with our everyday low prices and 100% price match guarantee, we offer you the best savings around so you can spend more on your adventure or other upgrades. Shop today and take advantage of the great savings.