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    As an avid outdoorsman you come to the party prepared for anything. By party, of course we mean your next off-roading adventure, and by prepared we mean you have all the gadgets for every situation. An experienced off-roading enthusiast like yourself knows that being prepared means more time for exploring around the next lake, up the next mountain, or across to the next sand dune. You know that the unprepared off-road explorer often has to go home after the tiniest mishap. Not you. That is why you come here when your winch controller is on the fritz or missing in action for whatever reason, you come here to 4 Wheel Parts for a replacement. That is also why we offer winch controllers sold by Smittybilt.

    Control Like No Other
    As the ultra-prepared off-roading pro, you plan to have complete control no matter the situation. So when you're stuck in the mud, you never panic, because you have a Smittybilt winch and all the parts and tools needed to pull yourself straight on out. For those like you, precision control is important, which is why a Smittybilt winch controller replacement or upgrade is required for your next adventure. Find a winch controller for every model of Smittybilt winch here at 4 Wheel Parts. A calm, cool, and collected off-road legend like you keeps control in every aspect of your off-road adventures. Why wouldn't you also want complete control over your winch? Get your controller replacement or upgrade today.

    Smittybilt for Quality Performance

    The Smittybilt company was created by one of the original off-roading vehicle enthusiast back in 1956. Responsible for the original “Nerf Bar” for ease of access into and out of off-roading vehicles, the company has been expanding ever since produce products for dealers and distributors all over the world. 4 Wheel Parts carries Smittybilt parts and accessories because we know our customers expect only the best in off-roading products. Find the winch controller you need for your Smittybilt winch today.

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    Smittybilt XRC Winch Replacement Remote Control - 97281-50


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    Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC Winch Replacment Remote Control - 97495-50


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    Smittybilt X2O Winch GEN1 Replacement Remote Control - 97380-50


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    Off-roading is for risk takers. It is for those adventurers among us who cannot be constrained by the typical 9-to-5 workday, who hear the call of the open road as a signal flare towards bigger and better things. Unfortunately, that open road can sometimes lead to hazardous situations for you, your passengers and your Jeep. In these scenarios, it is a good idea to be prepared for whatever nature throws at you with a durable winch system and winch controllers you can count on. We at 4 Wheel Parts are proud to carry the Smittybilt Winch Controller as part of our inventory of high-quality Jeep products at competitive prices.

    Modern Technology to Get You Back on the Road Faster

    Take towing into your own hands with an investment in superior winch accessories for trucks & Jeeps. When you are out in the wilderness, you may not have the time or ability to call for a tow truck. If night starts to fall or someone in your party has been injured, it is important to have a heavy-duty winch system in place to rescue your Jeep. At 4 Wheel Parts, we have the latest in contemporary winch remote design and technology to improve your ride. The Smittybilt winch remote was created to work with a wide range of Smittybilt winches to make winch operation easier with the push of a button. Simultaneously lightweight and compact, this remote can be stowed with the rest of your gear until the situation calls for it.

    With prices this low on Smittybilt products, it can be a good idea to stock up on replacement winch controllers just in case your primary controller is damaged during off-roading adventuring. Another popular version we are pleased to offer is the Smittybilt wireless winch controller, which requires no plugging in to winch components. Regardless of your preferred winch set-up, trust in the Smittybilt production value and product longevity to keep you jeeping. Experienced off-roaders know the importance of bringing a trustworthy winch system along when they venture out. It is a part of independence and sensibility. Invest in a future full of mountain vistas and breathtaking views, knowing you have the protection of a solid winch system on your Jeep.