Mile Marker Winch

When you're playing in the sand, loose gravel and murky bogs, suspensions flex and engines roar. Be prepared for the unexpected axle crack or to haul your rig out of the bumper-high mud with a Mile Marker winch. These winches are waterproof, work in the harshest weather and meet specifications for the US Military. Hydraulic and electric winches have replaced the PTO and wheel driven winches of the past, drawing energy from either the vehicle's battery or power steering pump.

Electric Winch
Electric car winches use the battery to power them, with the engine's alternator replenishing the battery. Although the engine does not need to be running for the winch to work, the stored energy can be used up quickly. Keeping the engine running can give it power for an extended pull. If winch use is frequent, enthusiasts may upgrade the battery to one that is engineered to handle heavy charge and discharge cycling. Off-roaders may also choose to add a secondary power supply with a dual-battery isolator to manage the power between the primary and auxiliary batteries.

Hydraulic Winch
Hydraulic winches for cars are heavier and more expensive than the electric option. However, they are made for serious use and can hold up to extended operations in adverse conditions, from freezing temperatures to being completely submerged. These winches, developed for commercial use and hardcore enthusiasts, can run without becoming overheated. Since it pulls from the power steering pump, there is no battery drain.

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Mile Marker Winch

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    Mile Marker Snatch Block

    Mile Marker Snatch Block

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    Mile Marker Snatch Block by Mile Marker - 60-50105


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