Snatch Straps

Jeepers are the type of people who like to stay in constant motion. Whether you're hitting the trail or getting out on the road, Jeeps are all about freedom. That's why snatch straps are an essential piece of recovery equipment. Nobody likes to have a vehicle sunk into the mud, lodged in a boulder or stuck in the sand. Having a strap lying around prepares you to get out of these tight spots, as well as nearly any other wild situation you happen to get yourself into. Be the one that's ready to keep moving: Get the right towing and retrieval gear.

A Big Difference
Plenty of places carry quality snatch rope, but nobody offers the same level of service and quality selection that you find at We keep it simple: We only carry the best brands. That's because we value our reputation, but it's also because we want you to have access to safe products that are easy and enjoyable to use. Properly used, a Smittybilt or ARB snatch strap stands to be one of the safest ways to retrieve a hopelessly stuck Jeep.

The Right Rating
Part of choosing a 4x4 snatch strap is selecting the right weight rating. Choose one that has enough strength to yank the stuck vehicle out of whichever situation you expect to get into. Keep in mind that the break weight includes all the force you're exerting by pulling. If you're extracting a vehicle from quicksand, you need a higher weight rating than if you're pulling it off of a ridge or boulder, for example.

Ropes or Snatch Ropes?
We often get questions about which towing accessories are best. Short answer: If you need to use extreme force to yank a Jeep out of a tight spot, snatch ropes are the way to go. They're flexible and therefore a little easier on the mount points. Buy a traditional rope if you're using a winch. Whatever you need, we have it here, and at a great price. Be prepared for anything by ordering your tow gear today.

Snatch Straps

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    Smittybilt Snatch Straps

    Smittybilt Snatch Strap

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    ARB Snatch Straps

    ARB Snatch Starps

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    ARB Snatch Strap 29 ft. x 2.3 in. - ARB705LB


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    Smittybilt 30' Snatch Strap - CC120


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    ARB 29 ft. x 3 in. Snatch Strap - ARB710LB


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    ARB Snatch Strap 29 ft. x 4.3 in. - ARB715LB


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    When your Jeep gets seriously stuck, you need a powerful tool to enable you get back on the path. Conquer off-road trails and power through mud with a durable, elastic snatch strap. From emergency kits to off-road essentials, choose the best straps based on the right rating, price and brand for your personalized style of adventure. Snatch straps give you the pulling strength required for off-road mishaps, muddy trails and any other condition you may encounter. It’s the kind of gear you’ll be glad you have when trekking through the wilderness or encountering bad weather on the road.

    Choosing the Perfect Snatch Strap

    Select the best snatch strap from a range of popular brands, including Smittybilt, ARB and Westin. Unlike a tow strap, a snatch strap is a stretchable rope made of durable material. This not only improves the towing capacity but also makes it convenient to launch a vehicle out of a sticky situation. Whether you’re pulling yourself to safety after hitting an unexpected mud patch or rescuing a friend who skidded into a ditch, be sure to choose a strap that is long and strong enough for any job.

    Upgrade Your Winch Gear

    If your Jeep doesn’t have a winch already installed, upgrade your off-road vehicle with the latest winch mounts and accessories to conquer any off-road situation. Winches are powerful devices that, when combined with snatch straps, make light work of your muddy, stuck tires. Handles, mounting brackets, winches and other add-ons enable you to customize your ride with ease. With a long strap, you can find a safe tie-off point or keep your Jeep on stable ground as you pull and haul another vehicle out of the ditch.

    Find the Best Prices Today

    Shop for the latest snatch straps, winch accessories and towing gear at 4 Wheel Parts. Adventure wisely with all the backup gear you need to rescue another driver or pull your Jeep out of the mud. Compare our unbeatable prices and enjoy the latest straps today. Drive confidently and blaze your own trails through the mud, rocks or any weather condition. Be sure to check the weight restrictions on your Jeep and your snatch strap before attempting a pull.