Zilla Strap Tow Strap

Getting stuck is a part of life when you're taking your vehicle off-road. If you've never gotten your vehicle into a pickle that proved just a bit too difficult to get out of, you're not pushing it to the limits its capable of! When you do decide to climb over an obstacle that's just a bit too high, or a trail that's just a bit too slick, you need to know that you can count on your recovery system to get your vehicle out of the jam you put it in. With a Zilla Strap tow strap you can rest easy as you take on obstacles, because you know that if it comes to it, you can safely tow your vehicle out and get back out there.

Strong Straps and Tough Sleeves Save the Day
Zilla Strap make tow straps capable of pulling heavy loads without failing, with break strength of 15,000 lb and a safe working load of two tons. When you hook up a Zilla strap to your vehicle you know it will handle the rigors of freeing it from where it is stuck. For extra protection to your straps, pick up a set of Zilla Sleeve guards. Simply slide the guard along to strap to any points of contact with rocks or other abrasive materials and start hauling. The sleeve protects the strap from wear and tear as you move your vehicle, extending the life of your strap.

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Zilla Strap Tow Strap

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    Zilla Recovery Tow Straps

    Zilla Recovery Straps

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    Zilla Strap 3.5" x 12" Zilla Sleeve - ZILSLV316-1


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